"It is within the creative process of music where she feels most at home"” - Team Broadway World

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Meet The Composer & Mom Who Wrote A Musical About Ancient Finnish Legends!” - Asha Dahya

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Vaikka sävellyksissä kuuluu ennen kaikkea viihteellinen Broadway-musikaalien maailma, sävellyksiä on maustettu suomalaisella kansanmusiikilla.” - Kirsi Jaaskelainen- Iltasanomat



Johanna Telander

Singer-Songwriter, Composer, Performer

With a catalog of songs influenced by pop, jazz, folk and musical theatre, it's the versatility of her songwriting that defines her unique sound. Johanna's music is decidedly her own. The distinct "Telander-sound", is becoming a brand the NYC indie music and musical theatre circuits have already started buzzing about, and it's one we will come to know. Sandcastles, her first pop release in a decade, is an easy-listening, bittersweet pop ballad, incorporating acoustic lever harp, insightful lyrics and soft, yet soulful vocal stylings. 

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What Fans are Saying:

"Do you like dramatic songwriters like Sarah Bareilles, Anaïs Mitchell or Lin Manuel Miranda? Then this is an artist you must get to know!"

"Johanna is a skillful composer, writer, and performer who crosses a variety of musical platforms and theatre, pivoting and combining these art forms with ease. Her ability to spin words in to modern poetry, her use of complex harmonies, and the catchiness of her songs give her a unique sound, setting her apart from others and making her work distinctly hers. When performing, she sounds like good weather, her voice carrying soothing qualities similar to Jewel and Alison Kraus. The jazz influence from her school years is there, giving the songs soul and structure, but she knows how to strip down a song to it's most raw essence to invite you in to listen to the story behind the music as well."

"Her voice is so strong for her siren body, couldn't believe it! A real power house".

"Mythical- energetic performance. Loved it!".