1. Little Angel

This track is an empowering bittersweet seasonal song, channeling holiday hope, the magic of rebirth, and belief in snowy miracles. A folk attestation to new beginnings, with simple, understated electronic sound elements supporting dulcet vocals and a folk harp accompaniment, we invite the listener to become inspired to spread their own wings and fly. Music and lyrics by Johanna Telander, Music production and mixing by Jay Alton.


Little angel
Where’d you come from
~Gone far and wide
Little angel
You are covered in silver and white

Your wings must be heavy
With fear and regret
Since you’re here in the snow
And you haven’t flown /moved yet

Little angel
Look above you
And gaze at the stars
There are many
New beginnings
Beyond the (night’s )dark

Let this dust of ice surround you
Lay a blanket of love around you
Take a breath of cold air
Forget the when/what and the where

Spread your wings open wide
As the scenes flash you by
Any child’s hopeful eyes
Tell you dreams do not lie
Leave all that what once was behind
on this wintry night
Little angel take flight
And be reborn tonight