Here are some music samples from 3 musicals I've composed. ( I’ve included book, lyric and orchestration credits below, where applicable.)

Selection includes songs from:
1) Kalevala the Musical (Kalevala the Musical's Original Concept Album is available on all streaming platforms.) Concept, Music, lyrics, and book by Johanna Telander, orchestrations by Marko Hilpo with add’l orchestration (Kantele, Folk harp, Vocal Arrangements) by Johanna Telander.
2) Gray Land Film (Music, lyrics and orchestrations by Johanna Telander, book by Quentin Garzon. )
3) Watcher in the Woods (Music and orchestrations by Johanna Telander. Book and Lyrics by Douglas Thompson.)

Artists featured in the music reel include: Grace Stockdale, Avionce Hoyles, Elena Ramos-Pascullo, Quentin Garzon, Julia Murney, Johanna Telander, Amanda Yachechak, Alyssa Fox, Kay Trinidad, Kalevala Ensemble, Reeta Vestman, Ramin Karimloo, Omer Shaish, Isabel Stein, Dayna Grayber, Lilli Passero, Madison Claire Parks, Natalie Toro, Marina Pires.

Musicians featured on these tracks include; Marko Hilpo, Magdalena Kress, Olli Hirvonen, Ian Riley, Arei Sekiguchi , Una Tone, Lydia Hull, Nadir Aslam, Katie Chambers, Kate Amrine, Julie Dombroski, Jessica Santiago, Liann Cline, Johanna Telander, Justin Vance, Tom Kmiecik, Brian Walters, Sean Andrews, Brianne Lugo, Matt Kolodzieski, Dominic Frigo, Brad Bailey.

Studios, where these songs were recorded: Milliron Studios, (NYC), Bunker Studio (Brooklyn, NY), Threshold Recording Studios (NYC), Mirrortone Studios (NYC), Uptown Studios (London), Nolan Shaheed Recording Studios (Los Angeles), Jiffel (Finland), and Remotely at home studios across the world.

Editing by Johanna Telander, Mixing by Alton Audio, Mastering by Magic Garden Mastering.